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About PaySimply

Taxes are complicated, paying them shouldn't be.

What is PaySimply?

PaySimply is a simple and secure way for Canadians to pay their taxes online or in-person. Your information is encrypted and never shared with anyone other than the government agency that you're paying. Our product gives you the choice of paying your taxes using credit card or in-person with cash or debit.

Our in-person option not only leverages the trusted and expansive Canada Post retail network but also gives you the convenience of having your tax payment received the same day that you make the payment in cash or with debit!

Why we created PaySimply.

We created PaySimply as a solution to the current cumbersome and confusing means of paying your taxes. Gone are the days of creating an account, second guessing if you input the correct information when paying with your bank, or the not knowing when your payment will be received by the Canada Revenue Agency or other government agency.

PaySimply makes paying your taxes simple.

  • No need to create a separate account.
  • Know exactly when your payment will be received by the CRA, municipality, or other government agency.
  • We give you the choice to pay the way you want: online and in-person.

PaySimply is a division of Payment Source Inc. Payment Source is the premier alternative payment provider in Canada.

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